Mastering Mindsets for optimal living:

What are meanings of optimal living?

The meaning of optimal is best and favorable. The definition of optimal is contextual and dynamic. It is not absolute or static. There is no doubt that the fundamental virtues and acquiring knowledge definitely improves our abilities to define optimal living dynamically.

Judge the masters of our mindsets:

livingThe latest brain research has proved that our ability to manage our emotions, our behaviors, our thoughts, our movements that can master anyone who learned ability. We can say surely that we cannot get success by genetic but we can be succeed by our sharp brain and the fully use of our abilities with full of command. We cannot defeat if we use our brain positively. Every one come in the world has the same task as done by others is to find our true identity in the world. However we are force by the order of our body about our feelings. We can listen to our inner reviewers and can feel the flood of our emotions but there is problem and something wrong who urge us not pay attention toward our inner which is our ego. We cannot know and judge the masters of our mindsets.ego become the hindrance to create the relation between our mind and soul.

How to live optimally:

That is way we cannot live our life according to its original purpose so we live far away from optimal living. Feel of fear by teasing and give trouble to creature mostly disappear beneath our social status and ego. The world example is same as the Shakespeare’s quote that all worlds in the stage and everyone play its own role and say bye to the stage. So in fact we are not living optimally. We have a wonderful and very strong power of choice we can choose good or bad by our natural ability. We can get success in every matter of life by accepting challenges and come out happily from the all difficult and hard challenges with brave heart, heard struggles and with great will power. Our daily challenges will come to an end by these things which are very helpful when we learn deeply and get growth continually. We can say easily that our mind is the most important tool of our body which is manageable which necceasry to develp in your life is. There are most greatest and wonderful mysteries got by our mind. It has very hard to believable power and full control over our body and feeling. Someone believes that the body can control our mind. If it is true then how body can use our abilities of believe and our thinking power. Therefore it is totally unbelievable and misunderstandings form. To living life optimally it is very necessary to be optimism. It is very important to become optimism in every field of life. There is some fault in us that we are very pessimism we have no stamina to face any problems we suddenly become disappointed.

  • Declare the purpose of our life:
    There is a main purpose of everyone living. No one in world is living without Purposeless .life is same as the life with no destinations it is very necessary to create destination in our life to spend optimal life. Self awareness is another most important thing of our life.
  • Self awareness is the way to spend optimal life:
    When we recognized our self it is the best way to live optimally but unfortunately we are unable to spend life optimally. It is very to figure out our purposes without deep sense of self awareness. Declare your goals openly. It is necessary in our all aspects of life same as our appreciations, our job, generosity, all types of goodness in every field of life can make it very optimal.
  • Declare our goals:
    Without goals we cannot move ahead. And our all struggles, efforts, hardworking, pain even everything become useless. Without declaring goal it is same as traveling without any destination. We spend a lot our time in thinking about how to best diligently and patiently as we can create the life of our true dreams.
  • Best use of wisdom to live optimally:
    Wisdom is another important thing to make our living optimal. We can explore the power of mastery in the choice in each moment, choice of every forward steps toward the growth. Our master mindset is very helpful for us to spend life in an optimal manner. Positively use of mindset approach can reach us at the peak of success and growth.
  • Give the address of love and peace:
    Love with humanity is the basic rule and important aspect of human being to live with peace and love. It is secrete of optimal living. Love with creature and give its lesson in all the world is the best way to live optimally.