Tips to improve the physician/patient relationship

Introductions to build the strong relationship between physician and patient:

physician and patient relationshipIt is fact that who peoples have strong and better relationships with the physician can get best result in their health issues. It is a very complicated process to build and strong and good relations between physician and patient. Patient always has strong expectations with the physician from different aspects. Patient thinks that their physician is very responsible. He pays attention toward the patient’s problems. For this purpose the staff is always plays important role to create the good relations between physicians and patents.


It is necessary to make perfect strategies to built relationship:

It is very important to make perfect strategies to built relationship between patients.  Strategy should very clear, concise and effective for the patient. However the gap between physician and patient will come to an end. If physician pay proper attention toward their patients so it will be very helpful for the patient treatment.

Depends at the nature and style of physician:

It is fact that developing the strong relationship between physician and patent always depends at the nature and style of physician that how he or she can treat with patient and what is his or her method to behave with patients. In this matter the staff can improve the relationship between both physician and patients by conducting meetings, discussions and making important and helpful strategies to enhance the relationship. And make the best plan that what is the better for patients and his or her treatments.

Tips to improve the physicians and patients relationship:

The staff should prepare the list of patient and categorized them. They should create the different categories of patient according to their need and problem. The list will be seen in the office. So that there should mention all patients name with their treatment, medicines and their disease. They should also mention the date of checkup that when the patent was lastly visited the hospital.

  • Prepare list of the patient who has take treatment:
    Prepare the list about the patients who has a serious problem and undergoes a serious testament. How much patients who are admit in hospital? And how much patients are discharging form hospital after treatment? Prepare the list about the appointment of patients.
  • Desk staff may play their important role to built physician and patient:
    Desk staff may play their important role to built physician and patient’s relationship. They should come to know about patients by calling that the reason of their visit. What is problem with them? When the physician can give you appointment? These all information with the name of patient, patient’s location, patients’s diagnoses and the verification of patients should mention in the paper in detail. So that it is better to escape from any kind of fraud such as duplicate patient.
  • Staff should monitor the waiting time of patient:
    The staff should monitor the waiting time of patient that how much time the patient has waited the physicians because mostly people don’t like the long waiting in hospital. They don’t want the delay in their treatment. Staff should examine the patient delays with full of care.
  • Don’t try to interrupts physician by asking useless questions:
    They should inform the patient about physician that how much issues are solved by the physician at one time one or two. Should inform about the physician schedule that when physician will come if patient are waiting and physician is late. Patients should also pay attention toward their behavior they should come to know that when they can ask any types of question from the physicians .they should ask question about their healthy and don’t try to interrupts physician by asking useless questions. They should describe their problem briefly to the physician and should not behave rudely.


Patient should bring all their medications with them and all the important diagnosis tests to your appointment. And you should not miss anything regarding to your health. It is best to prepare your note for your necessaries for appointment. So that you can keep in mind all things. You should tell your physician very clearly about your health concern. Tell your problem which you are facing about health for example stomach problem, headache and pain in your knee etc. you should also inform the physician that what medicines are using by you. And if you have some diagnoses tests then inform the physician about it. And if you have take treatment from another doctor than your should show the medications of other doctor. Medical staff should behave with patients in a very efficient manners they should give the all information to the patient about their problem briefly if they ask about it from the panel of hospital.

The foundations for optimal health

What is optimal health?

To live with optimal health is a wish of everyone but unfortunately we are not trying to achieve it instead of few people. The main reason of not living with optimal health is our carelessness toward our health issues. We do not give it our first and high priority. Mostly people in the world don’t know that what is optimal health? And how they can spend their lives with optimal health? Good health is a secret related to absence of addiction and disease. Health is about living impulsively.


Are we spending our lives with optimal health?

Our medical models present the health in a different way but actually health is not same as our medical prescriptions. Some people are addictions and bad habits which become the hindrance to live with optimal health. The habits and addiction such as coffee, cocaine, and smoking, over food, gambling and some other kinds of bad habits can spoil the health and don’t permit us to live with great and optimal health. Such kinds of habits disturb our body and daily schedule .it is necessary to become free from such kinds of habits which can create trouble for our health. You’re good, honest and positive thinking can become the main source of your optimal health. You’re strong spiritually, physically and emotionally balanced life can help you to achieve good health.

Foundations of optimal health:

The following foundations of optimal health are very helpful and secrete of success for health concern. You can achieve your optimal health by acting upon following rules and after some struggle you will be succeed to get optimal health.

  • It is necessary to start with psychological orientations regarding to health issue:
    To achieve optimal health it is necessary to start with psychological orientations regarding to health issue can create changes. We can change your inner by our passion, mind approach and to guide ourselves about changes in lives. Our effort can create a big and positive change in our lives which play main role for optimal health.
    By acting at this policy created by ourselves and our principles related to our living can help us to deeply identify ourselves. Our positive thinking has great impact at our lives as well as our health. Because our body can live fit with sound mind. We can say our inner power is the main weapon which can change our lives completely and can give us peace of mind and optimal health. It is our burning issue to know that how fulfill our potential. This foundation is the base of every step toward optimal health. Our thinking style our and addictions can change our life.
  • Exercise has long and strong effects at our body:
    The second main step is exercise. Exercise has long and strong effects at our body. The best principles of health is to do exercise more than our eating. Regular exercise can become very boring issue for us. We feel it burden and don’t pay attention toward this very important point. Firstly we decide to take exercise but after some days we avoid from it and forget our all exercise habit. Although exercise decrease our stress, burden and relax our muscles but most of the peoples don’t give it first priority.
  • Healthy food is the main source of achieving optimal health:
    The next step is nutrition. We should need to eat a certain way to be live healthy. Always eat healthy and natural food. Fast food can spoil our health. Fresh and healthy food is the main source of achieving optimal health. Good and healthy food has great influence in our body, attitude, energy level, mental approach, good shiny skin and our mood. Organic eating is the positive and the best step to optimal health achieving process.
  • You should give first priority to your sleep.
    Always take good sleep peacefully. Don’t compromise with our sleep. You should take rest properly and complete your need of 8 hours. Sleep like and children with free from all tension and relax your body before sleeping can give you good and nice sleep. Proper sleep instead of restless sleep can give you optimal health and you should give first priority to your sleep.


As a conclusion we are not living with optimal health. It is very necessary to achieve optimal health for everyone. Always relax your mind and muscles by taking exercise regularly. We should burn more calories for health but unfortunately we don’t feel any interest in exercise. Eat good, fresh and healthy food for optimal health. Avoid from bad habits it can disturb your daily routine. Make your mind free from all kind of stress and think positively. You should control over your all habits, feelings and thoughts because excess of everything can disturb your health issues. These are main source of optimal health.

Mastering Mindsets for optimal living:

What are meanings of optimal living?

The meaning of optimal is best and favorable. The definition of optimal is contextual and dynamic. It is not absolute or static. There is no doubt that the fundamental virtues and acquiring knowledge definitely improves our abilities to define optimal living dynamically.

Judge the masters of our mindsets:

livingThe latest brain research has proved that our ability to manage our emotions, our behaviors, our thoughts, our movements that can master anyone who learned ability. We can say surely that we cannot get success by genetic but we can be succeed by our sharp brain and the fully use of our abilities with full of command. We cannot defeat if we use our brain positively. Every one come in the world has the same task as done by others is to find our true identity in the world. However we are force by the order of our body about our feelings. We can listen to our inner reviewers and can feel the flood of our emotions but there is problem and something wrong who urge us not pay attention toward our inner which is our ego. We cannot know and judge the masters of our mindsets.ego become the hindrance to create the relation between our mind and soul.

How to live optimally:

That is way we cannot live our life according to its original purpose so we live far away from optimal living. Feel of fear by teasing and give trouble to creature mostly disappear beneath our social status and ego. The world example is same as the Shakespeare’s quote that all worlds in the stage and everyone play its own role and say bye to the stage. So in fact we are not living optimally. We have a wonderful and very strong power of choice we can choose good or bad by our natural ability. We can get success in every matter of life by accepting challenges and come out happily from the all difficult and hard challenges with brave heart, heard struggles and with great will power. Our daily challenges will come to an end by these things which are very helpful when we learn deeply and get growth continually. We can say easily that our mind is the most important tool of our body which is manageable which necceasry to develp in your life is. There are most greatest and wonderful mysteries got by our mind. It has very hard to believable power and full control over our body and feeling. Someone believes that the body can control our mind. If it is true then how body can use our abilities of believe and our thinking power. Therefore it is totally unbelievable and misunderstandings form. To living life optimally it is very necessary to be optimism. It is very important to become optimism in every field of life. There is some fault in us that we are very pessimism we have no stamina to face any problems we suddenly become disappointed.

  • Declare the purpose of our life:
    There is a main purpose of everyone living. No one in world is living without Purposeless .life is same as the life with no destinations it is very necessary to create destination in our life to spend optimal life. Self awareness is another most important thing of our life.
  • Self awareness is the way to spend optimal life:
    When we recognized our self it is the best way to live optimally but unfortunately we are unable to spend life optimally. It is very to figure out our purposes without deep sense of self awareness. Declare your goals openly. It is necessary in our all aspects of life same as our appreciations, our job, generosity, all types of goodness in every field of life can make it very optimal.
  • Declare our goals:
    Without goals we cannot move ahead. And our all struggles, efforts, hardworking, pain even everything become useless. Without declaring goal it is same as traveling without any destination. We spend a lot our time in thinking about how to best diligently and patiently as we can create the life of our true dreams.
  • Best use of wisdom to live optimally:
    Wisdom is another important thing to make our living optimal. We can explore the power of mastery in the choice in each moment, choice of every forward steps toward the growth. Our master mindset is very helpful for us to spend life in an optimal manner. Positively use of mindset approach can reach us at the peak of success and growth.
  • Give the address of love and peace:
    Love with humanity is the basic rule and important aspect of human being to live with peace and love. It is secrete of optimal living. Love with creature and give its lesson in all the world is the best way to live optimally.